The Squirrel and The Walnut Tree


A walnut tree had a very productive season. It’s branches were heavy with nuts and farmers all over the land complimented the owner on his good fortune. The Walnut Tree beamed with pride. Still, all was not well. A particularly obnoxious squirrel had taken up residence nearby. The Squirrel chattered away and collected nuts day and night. The Walnut Tree did his best to ignore the little creature. He felt that interacting with such an insignificant beast was below his dignity. Eventually though, he became so annoyed with The Squirrel’s comings and goings that he felt he had to say something.

“Squirrel,” said The Walnut Tree. “You should go about your business elsewhere. No one invited you to come around here and fill your larder.”

The Squirrel was carrying two nuts at the time. He turned around and looked up at The Walnut Tree, surprised to be so suddenly addressed.

“What ‘cho say?” he said in his squirrely little voice.

“I don’t want you just coming around here and just taking whatever you please.”

“’Cho don’t want me to what?” said The Squirrel, sitting down and splaying out his little legs.

“I don’t want you taking those.”

“Those what?”

“Those nuts. I don’t want you taking those nuts,” yelled the frustrated tree.

The Squirrel placed his burden before himself and gave both nuts a suggestive rub in a circular fashion.

“You mean deeeeeez nuts?” said The Squirrel.

The Squirrel laughed all the harder and went about his business.           

Certain people are born to throw shade. Try not to walk into it.